Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Before it was Blackout Friday

First and foremost, let's give credit, where credit is due: Courtney "Crime Balls" Pierce came up with the name Blackout Friday.  It's a clever play on words, you must admit.

But before it was BOF, it was the Thanksgiving-a-thon.  However Dana did not like that name for obvious reasons, like it was too much, and didn't roll off the tongue easily enough.  She was right, as most of the time she is.  But before she could voice her opinion, CP had to go run her mouth and get James, the resident graphic designer and letter guy, to draw a mock up.  This is what he came up with in about 4 minutes.

Makes you just want to dig into the cornucopia of beers, doesn't it?  Almost makes you not want to stick with the lame name too.... Almost.

Other alternatives to Blackout Friday were:
Bloody Saturday (only if we were to hold it on the Saturday post Thanksgiving)
Blood Bowl

I wonder what James will come up with next??

James, what are you going to come up with next?

Seriously.  We need your help.

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