Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blackout Friday on Saturday


Good job to Team Falcore for the win. 


Congratulations to Blackout MVP Joe Ugalde!

Honorable mentions go to Jon Greig and Shannon Morton for their above and beyond performances.


And to the Green Team, ahhaaaahha.

Also, shout out to James T. Edmondson for ROCKING the shirt logos.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What you need to know for BOF on Saturday

  • Meet at the Arroyo Grande High School parking lot at 11:45 am on Saturday, November 27th.  Which one?  The one in the VERY VERY back, behind the livestock, where the sophomores parked.  Follow the red balloons to the registration table.
  • Bring your ID, 10 bucks, and an OPEN MIND!!!
  • There will be a bar crawl involved, so bring extra cash too.
  • Some snacks and Blackout Booze will be provided.
  • Dress comfortable for competition.  Heels are not kosher. 
  • The game may last a few hours, so plan for a whole day of fun.
If you have any questions or concerns call or text one of the commissioners: Pierce- 709-4786, Moore- 709-2162
Days until Blackout: 4


New Team Lineups:

Brittni Genova
Allie Edgerton 
Jamie Kay Evans
Joe Ugalde

 Light Blue
Amie Yoshizumi
Cherisa Headrick
Shannon "Mortomus" Morton
Justin Pierce
Taylor Pruett

Andy Northness
Jon Greig
Michael "Pooj" Pedrini

James Edmondson
Matt Kingstreet
Eric "The Catfish" Duke
Jorn Anderson
Robert " The Libertarian Examiner" Taylor
Juan Olivarria  

Any other additions or changes can shove it.  Sorry. 

Blackout Friday on Saturday.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Team Assignments for Blackout Friday on Saturday

The wait is over. 

The teams are as follows:

Rocking Yellow
Brittni Genova
Nick Genova* replaced by Allie Edgerton
Jamie Kay Evans
Dede Northness

Representing Light Blue
Amie Yoshizumi
Cherisa Headrick
Shannon "Mortomus" Morton
Justin Pierce
Taylor Pruett

Wearing Red
Andy Northness
Jon Greig
Joe Ugalde
Michael "Pooj" Pedrini

And in Green
James Edmondson
Matt Kingstreet
Eric "The Catfish" Duke
Jorn Anderson
Robert " The Libertarian Examiner" Taylor

Start strategizing.  If you want a team name, let us know ASAP. 

Blackout Friday on Saturday.

You've been warned.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dramz with one of the Commissioners...

I'll let you guess which one.  

But as of today, The Annual Blackout Friday, will be moved to Saturday.  Everything else will be just as fun, but we no longer can have it on Friday.


Next year, it will hopefully be restored to Friday.

Commissioner Delta

Thursday, November 11, 2010

If you haven't already seen this, you're probably not invited.

Hey Folks,

It's that time of the year again for everyone's favorite annual event, Black Out Friday.  Whatever you know it as: Thanksgiving-a-thon, the Blood Bowl, or nothing at all, it is a tradition, starting now.  It is going to be an all day event, so cancel your plans with your family, please.  And by all day we mean it will start during the late morning so participants can shop at Black Friday starting at 3am if they so desire.

We're going to be testing your bronze, brains, and binge drinking abilities.  It'll be a life changing extravaganza of epic proportions; a sure fire way to fun; and a challenge.  So, hide your wives, hide your kids...we are coming for them.

Here's the details we know:
When: day after Thanksgiving.  It's not changing, so if you can't come, we're sorry for your loss.
What: some sort of sporting event, some sort of trivia event, some sort of scavenger hunt, and a ton of drinking.
Who: that's for us to know and you to find out.
Where: around the Cen. Coast.
How: with a small fee depending on costs accrued.
Why: for a new tradition!

More details to come of course.  RSVP though so we can order the shirts.  We're not kidding.  Let us know by the end of the weekend.  IE SUNDAY. PJ's Top Shop is ready for us. But nobody is ready for BLACK OUT FRIDAY

FYI-This is a closed event NO RANDOMS WELCOMED. If you would like to put a name up to the board of commissioners please do so by responding to this email. We will hold a vote and then get back to you. Everyone is blind copied on this you will not know the attendees until you arrive at Black Out Friday (details to follow)

Also, here's our website:  Yup.

Oh and Happy Veterans Day!!
The Annual Blackout Friday
Commissioners...Courtney and Dana

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Before it was Blackout Friday

First and foremost, let's give credit, where credit is due: Courtney "Crime Balls" Pierce came up with the name Blackout Friday.  It's a clever play on words, you must admit.

But before it was BOF, it was the Thanksgiving-a-thon.  However Dana did not like that name for obvious reasons, like it was too much, and didn't roll off the tongue easily enough.  She was right, as most of the time she is.  But before she could voice her opinion, CP had to go run her mouth and get James, the resident graphic designer and letter guy, to draw a mock up.  This is what he came up with in about 4 minutes.

Makes you just want to dig into the cornucopia of beers, doesn't it?  Almost makes you not want to stick with the lame name too.... Almost.

Other alternatives to Blackout Friday were:
Bloody Saturday (only if we were to hold it on the Saturday post Thanksgiving)
Blood Bowl

I wonder what James will come up with next??

James, what are you going to come up with next?

Seriously.  We need your help.


You started a tradition with us!

Now ever year,  we will no longer refer to the day after Thanksgiving as Black Friday, but Black OUT Friday.  Meaning, instead of waking up at the ass crack of dawn competing for killer deals with gross idiots, you can get wasted with your buddies as you compete in the biggest least important friend on friend battle this side of the San Andreas Fault. 

It's called Blackout Friday.  Get used to it.  It's here to stay.  More than the Clam Man.  This is it's inaugural post.  Expect more to come.