Thursday, November 11, 2010

If you haven't already seen this, you're probably not invited.

Hey Folks,

It's that time of the year again for everyone's favorite annual event, Black Out Friday.  Whatever you know it as: Thanksgiving-a-thon, the Blood Bowl, or nothing at all, it is a tradition, starting now.  It is going to be an all day event, so cancel your plans with your family, please.  And by all day we mean it will start during the late morning so participants can shop at Black Friday starting at 3am if they so desire.

We're going to be testing your bronze, brains, and binge drinking abilities.  It'll be a life changing extravaganza of epic proportions; a sure fire way to fun; and a challenge.  So, hide your wives, hide your kids...we are coming for them.

Here's the details we know:
When: day after Thanksgiving.  It's not changing, so if you can't come, we're sorry for your loss.
What: some sort of sporting event, some sort of trivia event, some sort of scavenger hunt, and a ton of drinking.
Who: that's for us to know and you to find out.
Where: around the Cen. Coast.
How: with a small fee depending on costs accrued.
Why: for a new tradition!

More details to come of course.  RSVP though so we can order the shirts.  We're not kidding.  Let us know by the end of the weekend.  IE SUNDAY. PJ's Top Shop is ready for us. But nobody is ready for BLACK OUT FRIDAY

FYI-This is a closed event NO RANDOMS WELCOMED. If you would like to put a name up to the board of commissioners please do so by responding to this email. We will hold a vote and then get back to you. Everyone is blind copied on this you will not know the attendees until you arrive at Black Out Friday (details to follow)

Also, here's our website:  Yup.

Oh and Happy Veterans Day!!
The Annual Blackout Friday
Commissioners...Courtney and Dana

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